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Margin of Excellence: Mechanical Ventilation Adds Significant Costs to COVID-19 Care

Americans have been fighting the COVID-19 virus since January of 2020. While the country has learned much about the infection rate and is making progress on treatments, there has been less published research comparing the relative costs of care. Using data from PremierConnect®, Premier’s cloud-based performance improvement platform, we analyzed the inpatient costs of COVID-19 care and compared the costs of treating patients with and without mechanical ventilation.

The results include the following:

  • Cost to care for COVID-19 patients on ventilation is 5X higher than non-ventilated COVID patients and 1.6X higher than ventilation costs for other conditions.
  • Most added expenses come from increased use of drugs needed for ventilation and added length of stay.
  • Many drugs needed for ventilation are susceptible to shortages; judicious use and stable supply channels are needed to avoid future COVID-19 care challenges.

Download the white paper for our full analysis.


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