Integrated Specialty Care Network Webinar: Specialist-Hospital Strategies to Return to Financial Stability

Premier® invites you to join us for this on-demand webinar for the Integrated Specialty Care Network. This network is designed to help organizations re-engineer cross specialty care practices, leveraging specialist-hospital alignment models and team-based, coordinated care. This webinar is the first in a two-part series which will focus on strategies organizations can use to optimize volume, revenue, reimbursement, and margin through the implementation of the Integrated Specialty Care model.

The webinar will begin to explore:

  • Practice operations efficiencies, OR / procedure workflows, staffing plans
  • Care variation and clinical decision support opportunities
  • Service line optimization
  • Margin improvement

This webinar may be of interest particularly to those staff whose roles focus on executive leadership, finance, physician engagement, and strategic planning, as well as physician leaders. Through participation in this network, participants will receive education, insights, tools, practical examples, and other resources, such as Premier’s Integrated Specialty Care model guidebook, to enable you to stand up your own Integrated Specialty Care model for medical and/or surgical care.


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