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Margin of Excellence:
Lowering the Incidence and Severity of Hospital-Associated Sepsis

As the healthcare industry transitions to value-based care delivery and payment, health systems are seeking additional opportunities to optimize care, reduce costs and keep patients safe. One key opportunity is sepsis, which is the top cause of hospital deaths and the most expensive hospital-associated condition. Premier analyzed data over a three-year period and found that providers are making noteworthy strides with sepsis care, as the overall mortality, readmissions and incidence of hospital-associated sepsis have declined; still, patients who develop sepsis in the hospital are more likely to suffer from septic shock, leading to more than $1.5 billion in added costs.

Based on years of performance improvement work around sepsis, Premier has identified the best practices to reduce the incidence and severity of sepsis cases, leading to better outcomes and lower costs for healthcare organizations.

Learn more about Premier’s four keys to success:

  1. Leverage business intelligence with robust data and analytics capabilities.
  2. Utilize clinician-enabling tools that support clinical surveillance and the delivery of evidence-based care.
  3. Optimize the lab and pharmacy to enable testing and quick identification of the appropriate therapies.
  4. Promote a culture of care delivery optimization by championing collaboration and sustainability.


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