7 Steps to Effective Clinical Decision Support

For every dollar of healthcare costs, 80 to 90 cents are the result of a doctor ordering a medical service through an EMR. Nearly one-third of these services are typically unnecessary and wasteful. An additional 10 percent are viewed as overtreatment and can actually do more harm than good.¹

To prevent wasteful spending, you need a comprehensive, integrated clinical decision support (CDS) solution to help doctors make appropriate decisions that can significantly reduce costs while still providing proper patient care. Using the Stanson Health CDS platform, many Stanson clients are saving millions per year.

Download our free guide, Taking Costs and Waste Out of Your System: 7 Steps to Effective Clinical Decision Support, for helpful tips to make significant strides in your cost-reduction program.

¹ The Self-Driving Cars of Health Care, Care Redesign Talk, NEJM Catalyst


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