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Guidebook: Fifth Edition, 2022

Premier's Value Analysis Guide

Premier's Value Analysis Council is excited to announce that the fifth edition of Premier's Value Analysis Guide is now available. Since the first release in 2014, the Value Analysis Guide has served as a catalyst for top value analysis professionals. The guide highlights best practices and provides resources to aid those in the healthcare industry as they support the value analysis process within their organization. No matter where your organization is at in their value analysis journey, the guide offers insights that can be leveraged to drive success.

Features include:

  • A conversion analysis tool
  • New case studies from Premier members whose value analysis processes have driven significant transformation in their organizations
  • Supply chain disruptions and the impact on purchasing decisions
  • Information on how the push to value-based payments can have as healthcare organizations work to maximize cost and quality improvements
  • Insights on sustainability and environmentally preferred purchasing

Download the comprehensive guide now.

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