Advisor Live Webinar: Current State of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization and the Potential for Device Shortages

Lawsuits, legislative actions and the closure of three sterilization plants over the past year have raised concerns about the future availability of millions of medical devices that are sterilized using ethylene oxide (EtO). This chemical process is used to sterilize more than 50 percent of medical devices and at least one product sterilized by this method is used with every admitted patient.

Premier recently participated in a two-day public hearing convened by the FDA to discuss how to address challenges with ethylene oxide amid public pressures to reduce the risks associated with emissions of the carcinogenic gas while avoiding medical device shortages.

The Premier leader who testified to the FDA advisory committee’s expert panel will provide a debrief of the FDA meeting, review our latest findings and discuss the next steps in preventing supply disruption.

  • Chaun Powell, Group Vice President of Strategic Supplier Engagement, Premier

This Advisor Live® presentation is open to the public.


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