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Coexisting with COVID-19: Managing Continuing Operations During a Resurgence of COVID-19 and the Seasonal Flu Outbreak

Medical practices have overcome numerous obstacles while handling the COVID-19 public health emergency. Balancing patients’ needs, personal safety concerns for providers and staff, and bottom-line business needs has been daunting for most. Coming into the fall season, the challenges could increase with a resurgence of symptomatic patients and the financial imperative to prevent a second shutdown.

Staying ahead of the curve and creating a plan for a potential resurgence likely will help medical group leaders minimize disruption to clinic operations. The guide covers:

  • Patient Communication and Engagement
  • Adapting Clinic Operations
  • Maintaining Telehealth Momentum and Hardwiring Operations
  • Scaling by Specialty and its Effects on Capacity
  • Managing Furloughs and the Shuffling of Staff
  • Financial Recovery Plans
  • Ongoing and Expanded Disaster Planning During COVID-19

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