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Using Actionable HCC Alerts to Increase Efficiency, Improve Outcomes and Increase Revenue

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2023 updates have significantly impacted the healthcare industry, particularly in coding and reimbursement processes.

The updates have changed HCC code naming and numbering, adjustments to HCC coefficient values, expanded condition mapping and an increased consideration of conditions for risk adjustment. These modifications heighten the importance of accurate coding for financial outcomes of providers and payers. Furthermore, the CMS updates removed over 2,000 diagnostic codes and introduced more than 200 that do not map to payments in the previous version. This requires careful attention to avoid missing potential reimbursement opportunities.

Stanson's HCC CodingGuide serves as a dependable partner in this dynamic landscape. Our coding system offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface, effectively identifying all relevant HCCs to enhance risk score accuracy and optimize reimbursement.

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