Who’s Sick? Predictive Analytics Monitoring at the Bedside

Adverse and critical, unanticipated events happen every day in healthcare. The result is increased morbidity and mortality, increased length of stay and unreimbursed cost of care. Simple and intuitive visualization provides an early warning of clinical deterioration so that clinicians can take appropriate action to circumvent an adverse event.

COVID-19 has emphasized the need for clinicians to be able to anticipate these events and provide proactive care. In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss how predictive analytics monitoring can help clinicians prevent events, such as emergent intubation and sepsis, and conserve precious resources, decrease the risk of staff exposures and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Topics of this on-demand webinar will include:

  • How subacute, potentially catastrophic illnesses, lead to patient deterioration
  • Role of predictive analytics monitoring as a means of identifying these illnesses
  • Importance of using continuous cardiorespiratory monitoring data for predictive analytics monitoring
  • Value of presenting clinicians with a visual indicator of clinical deterioration

Randall Moorman, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Physiology, Biomedical Engineering Director, Center for Advanced Medical Analytics University of Virginia Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics, and Displays


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