On-demand Webinar

COVID Impact on Hand Hygiene Performance and Contact Tracing

As health systems continue to face new outbreaks and surges of COVID-19 in their community, hand hygiene and contact tracing are vital elements to both decreasing and monitoring the spread of the disease.

We invite you to watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive into the importance of hand hygiene performance and contact tracing during outbreaks. Topics of discussion include:

  • Defining common expectations of hand hygiene performance during COVID-19
  • Data assessments of hand hygiene performance in COVID and non-COVID areas of the hospital
  • Comparisons of hand hygiene performance in hospitals with audible reminders and without audible reminders
  • Explanations around the current lack of ability to effectively contact trace in the hospital setting
  • Recommendations on how to be prepared for another wave of COVID-19