Acting Upon New Insight on Anticholinergic Medications and Dementia Risk

Earlier this summer, new research was published concluding that patients 55 and older with exposure to one of several types of strong anticholinergic drugs for 3 years or more were at a 50 percent increased risk of dementia. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about this topic and its implications on health system operations. This webinar is a “must watch” for clinical staff, pharmacists and prescribers.

Learn how:

  • Health Systems can provide information on important new evidence to providers at the point of care within their workflow
  • Tools can enable leaders to better understand how frequently potentially harmful drugs are being prescribed and by whom
  • Prescribing practices can be influenced by order sets or physician preference lists and strategies for making it easier for prescribers to do the right thing

  • Catrina Funk, M.D., MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Stanson Health, a Premier Company
  • Wendy Whittington, M.D., MMM, Vice President, Provider Engagement, Stanson Health, a Premier Company


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