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Ready, Risk, Reward: Improving Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions

In an effort to overcome the fragmentation and perverse incentives that discourage coordinated, cost-effective care delivery, healthcare provider members of Premier are designing and implementing clinically-integrated, high-value networks. To further identify improvement opportunities, Premier analyzed nearly 24 million emergency department visits across 750 hospitals and found that approximately 4.3 million visits associated with patients who have at least one of the common six chronic conditions were potentially avoidable. Best practices from Premier and its members suggest that a patient-centric, physician-aligned care management model can be effective in reducing avoidable emergency department visits, with a savings potential of up to $8.3 billion annually.

Learn more about Premier’s five keys to a successful care management model:

  1. Establish a care management vision, strategy and infrastructure.
  2. Define, stratify and target at-risk populations.
  3. Create care plans based on patient needs and goals.
  4. Develop multidisciplinary roles and responsibilities to coordinate and implement care plans and associated transitions.
  5. Invest in cross-continuum technology and analytics.


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