Case Study: CDS Alerts Provide Insight into High-Cost and Third-Party Labs

Geisinger Begins Program to Monitor High-Cost Lab Tests, Achieves $300k+ in Annual Savings

With 13 hospitals and over 2,000 providers, Geisinger is an integrated delivery network (IDN) serving more than 1.5 million patients in central and northeast Pennsylvania. With a focus on delivering the highest quality patient care, we asked Dr. Ben Hohmuth, practicing hospitalist and CMIO, responsible for the clinical enterprise and information systems at Geisinger, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of managing high-cost lab tests for a growing health system.

One challenge with high-cost labs is keeping tabs on the appropriate utilization of expensive testing. Oftentimes labs are requested without a complete understanding by the provider of the actual cost of the test. “We want to promote high-value laboratory testing, where appropriate, and understand key areas where we may be under- or over-utilizing testing procedures. We didn’t have clear guidelines when it came to relevancy of certain lab tests,” said Hohmuth. The high-cost lab alerts developed by Stanson Health, a Premier company, offered Geisinger the pricing transparency for lab orders at the point of order entry.

Download our free case study to learn more about how Geisinger used Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for High-Cost and Third-Party Lab Alerts to achieve over $300K in annual savings.


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