Breaking Down (and Building Up) Efficient Contracting Processes for Facilities Professionals

Join our informative on-demand webinar as we discuss how to leverage your GPO to build efficient contracting processes for facilities professionals. During this engaging session, you'll hear from three industry experts: Anna Ormiston, Vice President of GPO and Operations at Conductiv, Donna Craft, Service Line Senior Director at Premier and Kristi Brown, Contracting Manager, Construction, Facilities & Environmental Services at Premier.

This webinar will explore the critical role of facilities contracting in purchased services programs and the challenges that facilities directors often face in contracting for facilities services. The session will provide valuable insights and strategies for overcoming these challenges, and real-life case studies will be presented to showcase successful facilities contracting with Conductiv Contracts.


Anna Ormiston
Vice President of GPO and Operations, Conductiv

Donna Craft
Service Line Senior Director, Premier Inc.

Kristi Brown
Contracting Manager, Construction, Facilities & Environmental Services, Premier Inc.


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