Premier's Virtual Health: Holistic View to Develop and Implement Sustainable Strategies for Your Health System

The pandemic forced accelerated adoption with an unclear line of sight to the future state. This lack of clarity has health systems and providers hesitant to invest in infrastructure and long-term planning. As systems struggle to coexist with COVID-19, and telehealth standards are changing, now is the time to assess what we’ve learned and strategize for permanent solutions.

Please join our facilitators, Kearin Schulte and Tony Malcoun with Premier’s Physician Enterprise Solution, and a panel that includes representatives from a large multi-state health system (Banner Health), a telehealth accrediting body (URAC), commercial virtual health platforms (Teladoc and 98point6) and a commercial payer (Aetna). This on-demand webinar will explore all aspects of the current and future risks, payment models and opportunities in virtual health.

In this webinar, our panelists discuss:

  • URAC: What are the accreditation standards? What is involved in the accreditation process? What does an accreditation do for our system?
  • Banner Health: How do you continue to engage your providers and build on the present-day momentum? How are you adapting strategies as clinics open back up for onsite visits? How are you updating strategies as each state has different reimbursement policies?
  • Teladoc: What advances are coming in virtual care? How do you see virtual care changing and adapting post-COVID-19?
  • Aetna: How are you determining what virtual services will be reimbursed at what rate in each market? Do you see payers limiting reimbursement based on what platform virtual care is delivered? What services will likely continue to see growth versus others that may take longer to develop standards? How do you see regulations evolving that will affect reimbursement?


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