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The Power of Premier’s Impact

At Premier, we never lose sight of our purpose — working with health systems and other stakeholders to create the world’s healthiest society.

Providing clinicians timely, critical insights to help determine the best treatments for a patient. Connecting people to necessary care faster, with less paperwork. Saving providers millions of dollars through automation of manual tasks, like purchasing and payment processes. Building a smarter end-to-end supply chain to ensure providers always have access to a competitive, stable and diverse market of medical supplies. Working with employers to deliver the best care to their valued employees. Shining a light on the nation's highest performing hospitals and health systems through our PINC AITM 100 Top Hospitals Program®.

We’re delivering these solutions and more — that is the power of the Premier impact.

Addressing Labor Shortages

Today, health systems are paying tens of billions more per year for qualified labor. Premier provides creative and sustainable solutions to cost reduction during the Great Resignation. Our goal? Help reduce unnecessary spending.

Succeeding In Value-Based Care

The greatest goal of every health system is the quality of care for its patients, but it’s also important for that care to be affordable. That’s why Premier offers the necessary solutions to save money and maximize quality gains. From assessing reimbursement scenarios to building financial models based on market dynamics, Premier is building the future of value-based care.

Technology Enablement

Each day, the healthcare community is becoming more digitalized. With 934 million points of data, Premier's technology solutions provide actionable insights and comparative data that clinicians, administrators and health systems need to provide the highest level of care.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Premier’s proprietary modeling technology identifies drugs with increased risk for supply disruption 75% of the time, weeks to months in advance. Combined with more than 350 products protected through committed and secure distribution channels and dedicated sequestered supply, Premier can provide your health system with the most reliable access to shortage drugs.

Health Equity

Through Premier’s robust database and performance improvement methodology, reducing preventable harm and deaths of moms and newborns is possible. With over 1 million points of connected mother-baby data, Premier empowers health systems to sustain better outcomes for maternal health.

From a reliable supply of the highest quality products at optimal price points to a technology platform that provides real-time insight into appropriate care, our members are powered by Premier to deliver healthcare that’s smarter, faster and better – at every stage of the patient journey.

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How is AI impacting healthcare?

In this video, Michael J. Alkire, President and CEO, sits down with Forbes to discuss the importance of using advanced technology in driving performance improvements for health systems, ensuring patients are getting the best care possible and building supply chain resiliency.

The power of Premier’s impact? A tech-enabled supply chain for our members.

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